Huge @LinkNYC USD 20 Million Upgrade

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

LinkNYC has announced a USD 20 million state-of-the-art upgrade program for its (once) groundbreaking digital OOH advertising network. The effort enhances LinkNYC’s ability to serve millions of New Yorkers with free Wi-Fi, content, and advertising as the program enters its ninth year.

The initiative will introduce striking upgrades to enhance both the style and functionality of the iconic 2,000 kiosk street furniture network.

The investment includes introducing new next generation high-brightness Liquid-Crystal Displays (LCDs) for the kiosk’s advertising screens. In addition, ad screens will feature upgraded computers to support enhanced programmatic, dynamic digital, and video advertising formats. Units will also receive revitalized exterior casing to improve the kiosks’ overall appearance, look and feel.

“LinkNYC has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of New York City life, fostering connectivity and public engagement that transcends technology,” said Nick Colvin, CEO of LinkNYC. “These improvements to the Link assets support our commitment to enrich New Yorkers’ urban experience with hyper relevant, real-time information, wayfinding, and connectivity. This investment deepens the positive impact LinkNYC brings to our vibrant city.”

We are told that the refresh will allow for enhanced content delivery on LinkNYC’s 4,000+ screens.

“LinkNYC is New York’s premiere media property and the best way for advertisers and content providers to reach the entire city instantly,” said Chris Grosso, CEO of Intersection, LinkNYC’s content and advertising provider. “This facelift will ensure LinkNYC remains the clear leader in New York City’s media market.”

LinkNYC screens and services are ubiquitous in New York City. According to third party audience measurement organization Geopath, content and marketing messages displayed on LinkNYC network’s screens reach 78% of New Yorkers every week and generate more than two billion ad impressions every month.

The advertising revenue generated by LinkNYC has a tremendous impact on the City of New York, besides providing a powerful platform for community messaging, small business promotion, and critical government information, LinkNYC delivers connectivity to New Yorkers as the largest public Wi-Fi network in the world. Over 15 million New Yorkers and visitors have connected to LinkNYC’s free, high-speed public Wi-Fi network for a total of more than three billion sessions.

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