DeepIntent Partners w/ @PlaceExchange

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Place Exchange, the leading SSP for programmatic DOOH media, has integrated with DeepIntent, the Health DSP, to offer its pharmaceutical advertisers the ability to access digital out-of-home inventory. Through Place Exchange, DeepIntent’s customers now gain access to the largest pool of premium DOOH available, including inventory across all major venues and formats, such as point-of-care locations, pharmacies, gyms, transit stations, retail locations, airports, roadside and city center billboards, and more, throughout the US, Canada, EMEA, and Latin America.

Advertisers on DeepIntent can leverage DOOH’s unique ability to position their messaging beyond the reach of personal devices and throughout the real world, reaching consumers and healthcare providers on their daily commutes, at health-oriented locations, retail destinations, leisure venues, health conferences, and more with brand-safe, always-viewable, and unskippable messaging. With programmatic executions, DeepIntent customers can expect the same benefits of efficiency, flexibility, and measurable outcomes in OOH as with other programmatic channels. Advertisers can target using DeepIntent’s Patient Modeled Audiences, 1st- and 3rd-party audiences, dayparts, geos, points of interest, NPIs in point-of-care locations, and more.

The partnership also provides advertisers with the flexibility to activate and adjust DOOH campaigns in real-time in response to external triggers or to optimize in-flight toward campaign outcomes. Pharma advertisers are able to purchase DOOH inventory both on a non-guaranteed and guaranteed basis, without needing to execute any paperwork or adhere to steep minimums. Most importantly, pharma advertisers can measure the full funnel impact of DOOH campaigns. Upper funnel branding and engagement metrics can be measured immediately, and later in the year, DOOH will also be available in the DeepIntent Outcomes™ measurement suite, which tracks metrics like script lift, percent on-target reach, and more.

“Digital out-of-home advertising is the next frontier for healthcare marketers looking to reach patients and HCPs beyond their devices,” said Chris Paquette, Founder and CEO of DeepIntent. “We’re excited to offer Place Exchange’s extensive network of premium DOOH inventory to our customers, and build effective targeting strategies that leverage DeepIntent’s unique audience capabilities, like our Patient Modeled Audiences, to serve DOOH ads in geographic areas that index the highest for targeted diseases and conditions.”

Historically, the regulations of pharmaceutical advertising have limited OOH from being a major component of media plans, especially for prescription drug advertising that must provide important safety information (ISI) about risks and side effects. Programmatic OOH has unlocked new opportunities with creative capabilities like video-enabled OOH assets and QR tracking codes to allow pharmaceutical advertisers to deliver branding plus ISI in an engaging way. Advertisers can take advantage of the abundance of OOH CTV screens available across health, retail, entertainment, transit, and other venues that offer premium programmed content, high levels of consumer attention, massive reach, and audience-based targeting – all at lower CPMs than other video media, and guaranteed to be brand-safe, viewable, and bot-free.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with DeepIntent on this first-to-market opportunity in bringing the unique benefits of programmatic OOH to healthcare advertisers,” said Ari Buchalter, CEO of Place Exchange. “Our publisher partners are looking forward to learning from DeepIntent’s healthcare expertise as we activate campaigns together and generate more opportunities for inclusion in omnichannel plans.”

DeepIntent leads health advertising into the future based on the core belief that advertising technology contributes measurably to positive health outcomes. Built purposefully for the healthcare industry, the DeepIntent Health Advertising Platform employs patented technology and the industry’s most comprehensive health data to drive higher audience quality and script performance. 600+ pharmaceutical brands and all the leading healthcare agencies trust DeepIntent to reach the most relevant healthcare providers and patient audiences across all channels and devices.

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