#OOH2024 Future Leaders Program Delegates

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

OAAA and OOH UNITED have announced the exceptional delegates selected for the 2024 Future Leaders program. This groundbreaking initiative was designed to empower and support the next generation of leaders in the out of home industry.

Selected from a competitive pool of applicants, the winners demonstrated outstanding talent, dedication, and leadership potential. Each winner brings a unique perspective and skill set to the program, promising to contribute significantly to the future of OOH advertising.

The 2024 Inaugural Future Leaders class includes:

  • Vitor Bourguignon, Altermark
  • Clara Bowman, Volta
  • Erica Bussell, Lamar
  • Vanessa Camarillo, PJX Media
  • Shaadi Emami-Marand, OUTFRONT
  • Rahni Lawrence, OUTFRONT
  • Avit Patel, Horizon Media
  • Matthew Schutzman, PJX Media
  • Amber Simon, OUTFRONT

As part of the program, the winners will join the broader out of home and advertising communities at the 2024 OOH Media Conference in Carlsbad, California later this month. They will also retain roles within OOH UNITED, engaging in professional development opportunities and networking events aimed at nurturing their talents and advancing their careers.

OAAA and OOH UNITED congratulate all the winners and extend their sincere appreciation to everyone who participated in this inaugural program. Thank you to Clear Channel Outdoor, Colossal Media, Drachman M&A Co., Lamar, Pivot, Brooklyn Outdoor, Horizon Media, OUTFRONT, Pearl Media, Publicis Media’s PMX OOH for sponsoring the program and for their partnership in bringing this important initiative to life. Together, they are shaping the next generation of OOH leaders.

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