New @MediaResources eQVISION Digital Billboard(s)

Andrew Neale

Media Resources has launched the eQVISION Digital Billboard, which they say demonstrates the company’s ongoing dedication to innovation in billboards.

The breakthrough design of the eQVISION product line provides equivalent optical performance to viewers while consuming less than 50% of the electricity compared to the previous generation of VISIONiQ billboards. It also extends the display’s lifespan by an extra 20% – this new technology also incorporates optimizations to reduce upward light emission, showing responsibility towards mitigating sky glow, Ed.

eQVISION was developed through a multi-year R&D effort with Media Resources engineers and global component suppliers from the USA, Canada, and Japan and ties together Media Resources’ strategic direction of providing digital billboards that, are more efficient, reliable, and last longer than existing digital display technology. With the lower power requirements this will often mean expensive electrical upgrades for digital displays will no longer be required for static billboard conversions as the existing electrical service will often be enough to power the new eQVISION™ digital billboards.

With the lower electrical draw, combined with the longer lifetime, the carbon footprint of the displays will be reduced by over 70% compared to existing digital billboards.

Cheng Qian, Chief Product Architect was quoted as saying “Our strategic product direction has been and will continue to be centered around driving innovation in the OOH industry. eQVISION™ is the outcome of years of thoughtful participation in the industry’s most pressing challenges around Digital Billboards, including ever rising standards to meet for permit approvals and an increasing need for sustainability. Through the creativity, diligence and mastery of our Global Product and Engineering Team and our collaborating Partners, we are truly proud to present eQVISION™ to the market today. Not only will this mean faster time to revenue and lower operating costs for our billboard customers, but it will also offer a path to substantial reductions in carbon emissions and skyglow.”

The eQVISION product line will be available in a variety of pixel pitches suitable for all digital billboard sizes and view distances; and for those operators who have come to rely on and require Media Resources’ patented SITELINE for their Digital builds, eQVISION will also be immediately available with this industry original and best-performing light trespass mitigation technology. eQVISION has begun production in Media Resources North American production facilities and will continue to scale up in the coming months.

Jeff Rushton, President & CEO told us “Media Resources has been bringing innovation to the billboard industry for many years ranging from working with OOH leaders to drive industry standard modules sizes & designs, to being the first to introduce light blocking technology, to foam-core 3D billboard column covers to improve aesthetic appeal to municipalities, to innovative automated manufacturing to drive next-level reliability. These and other innovations are all designed to make it easier for billboard operators to get permits, less costly to operate displays and make billboard displays more acceptable to communities. eQVISION™ is the next step in our OOH ‘InOOHvation’ journey. Given the importance for all of us to become more sustainable in our business & personal lives, we are honored and proud to support the direction of the Out-of-Home Industry to get to a carbon neutral future, make products that are more efficient, and while doing this with eQVISION™ create a product that reduces billboard operating and capital costs along the way. Myself, and my business partners, could not be prouder of our team who worked tirelessly on the development of this system with our supply chain and OOH customer partners. Look for more large advances in the months ahead”.

Founded in 1967, Media Resources Inc. is an industry leader in the development, manufacturing, and installation of indoor and outdoor digital signage. With a history of innovation and excellence, MRI offers a comprehensive range of visual solutions, including VISIONiQ and SITELINETM technologies for outdoor digital signage, and TruViewTM technology for indoor digital signage. b

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