StreetMetrics Expands Its Platform

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

StreetMetrics has expanded its methodology to optimize both moving and stationary advertising campaigns, now, all in one unified platform.

Various media owners in the OOH industry are already utilizing StreetMetrics’ stationary measurement and attribution in top markets, including New York, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia, to deliver a comprehensive understanding of campaign performance across stationary and digital advertisements. Media owners can expect most types of stationary media to be measurable in the platform including roadside digital and static billboards, street furniture, and wallscapes, to name a few.

Drew Jackson, CEO, StreetMetrics, told us “We’re incredibly proud to fill the stationary OOH ad measurement and attribution gap our customers identified. Now, with the StreetMetrics platform, media owners can count on daily insights that demonstrate campaign performance and effectiveness, and share that valuable data with their customers. We know this is the right next step in moving our industry forward.”

This initiative aids these media owners in proving their customers’ ad effectiveness by delivering valuable insights across the nation’s most diverse markets, in near real time. It also surfaces the opportunity to test creatives at unparalleled speeds and optimize their client’s advertising dollars throughout the campaign.

Before expanding its offering, StreetMetrics customers and other media owners nationwide, relied on a combination of various third-party data and internal figures to measure stationary OOH ads. Now, the StreetMetrics measurement and attribution offering equips media owners with a unified and sophisticated analytics platform, delivering comprehensive and precise insights into campaign performance. This enables users to analyze their media through a single lens.

StreetMetrics is enthusiastic about the transformative possibilities the expanded platform offering brings to the out-of-home advertising landscape. By harnessing the capabilities of the StreetMetrics platform, media operators can step into a new era of measurement and attribution for both moving and stationary OOH ads, ultimately delivering greater value to advertisers and reinforcing their commitment to driving industry innovation.

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