Elliot Andrews Joins @Displaydata

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Displaydata, a leader in retail technology solutions, has officially announced that Elliot Andrews has joined them as the Global SVP of Sales.

Elliot brings with him a wealth of experience from several leadership roles, including CEO at Latium Enterprises, MD at ME Group, Vice President EMEA at Kerry Group and Vice President at JDE, alongside numerous International Consultancy positions.

With vast experience across the global retail landscape, coupled with his knowledge of implementing innovative solutions within these sectors, his addition to the leadership team marks an exciting chapter in Displaydata’s evolution.

Displaydata, headquartered in Reading, United Kingdom, has a long-standing commitment to helping retailers optimise revenues and enhance the customer shopping experience. Their Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs), featuring ultra-low power wireless technology, enable retailers to swiftly update labels, launch engaging promotions, display real-time stock levels and adjust prices with unmatched agility.

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