ATM:ad Ask People To Think “Outside The Box”

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Richard Rowley, head of media sales at ATM:ad, had an interesting letter published in yesterday’s Media Guardian referring to the recently published Q1 2008 Bellwether Report. He writes…

Outside the box

Could the continued squeeze on marketing budgets herald a new era of smarter thinking and see more marketers and planners exploring the UK’s wealth of non-traditional media as a way of reaching the consumer? The Bellwether report certainly hints that those accustomed to large budgets do not only have to make their money work harder but also achieve the same marketing objectives, at a fraction of the cost (Direct marketing worst hit in ad gloom, MediaGuardian, April 14).

The UK’s innovative portfolio of non-traditional media offers highly accountable and creative solutions for advertisers who need to maintain creativity, make their budget go further and deliver ROI. Non-traditional media owners have a great opportunity here to demonstrate the targeted, accountable and creative prowess of their media and, in the process, help advertisers to meet these challenges. Rising to the challenges of the marketplace and stepping outside of media comfort zones will give the country’s most innovative marketers and media owners the chance to shine; to deliver against tighter budgets and reap the competitive benefit.

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