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Chris Heap

You may have seen in the events calendar the inclusion of the Signage Imaging and Media (SIM) Exhibition and Conference being hosted at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre between the 18-20th of October.

The DailyDOOH events calendar originally stated that I would be presenting there, in my own capacity for my firm as well as a contributor to the DailyDOOH.

After weeks of emails, discussions on topics and making recommendations on where my subject matter would fit into the overall scheme of the conference the organisers confirmed to me in writing that I would present.

Fantastic thought I, this is the first time I can set out my stall to this incredibly exciting  and developing marketplace. The pulse started to quicken and I started to work on my presentation content.

A month ago, the spectre of payment for travel and accomodation loomed (not fees, just expenses). Now I’ve always been happy to pay my way if necessary but sometimes its worth asking the question. As soon as the topic was raised, the metaphorical drawbridge was pulled up, communication ceased and despite several attempts to contact the organisers, IIR Middle East I have received no response whatsoever. Nada. Nothing.

So without clarification, I can only assume that I won’t be attending, or presenting. The team at DailyDOOH has done an absolutely fantastic job at globally covering events recently and I was looking forward to continuing that trend and writing up the event and conference.

Their loss and yours dear readers – That indeed is a real shame, Ed – You would have added a wealth of experience and a perfect foil to the likes of Jason Friedman, Ahmed El Ridi, Bruno Brookes and Raad Raad who have been lined up to speak at the Digital SIgnage Forum. anyway C’est la vie!

2 Responses to “SIM Expo Digital Signage Forum”

  1. James Says:

    I would not worry, I do not think you will be missing much. Last year it was a disaster and by the look of the programme this year it won’t be much better.

  2. Marco Polo Says:

    It actually clashes with GITEX 2009, the largest ICT event regionally 60 minutes up the road in Dubai, inane planning for such a marginal event.

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