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Rachel Emson is a chartered marketer and is the Managing Director at Vivid where she heads up the communications side of the team. Rachel is highly experienced in implementing marketing communication strategies and has worked on a diverse client mix from the NWDA, NHS, and Environment Agency to Slendertone and Dreamland and here (reproduced with kind permission of EYE Corporation) she discusses the challenges that digital media are currently facing…

Rachel Emson, MD Vivid

Rachel Emson, MD Vivid

EYE Reporter: In your opinion what are the challenges and opportunities facing digital media today?

Rachel Emson: In this current economic downturn the creative and media industry as a whole is facing many challenges, including budget constraints and delivering more value that will equate to a greater return on investment. For digital media, this creates fantastic opportunities because of its unique adaptability. It enables efficient targeting and delivery of message along with a more visual impact. The strength of the media makes us as an agency focus even more intently on how to make sense of a digital future. The next challenge is in educating agencies and clients on the best way to use this media both creatively and technically.

EYE Reporter: How would you describe the current environment in digital airport media in UK? What would be the key benefits?

Rachel Emson: Airports are a hub for the public and business people alike, capturing visitors to a locality or residents arriving or departing. We know who they are, where they are from, where they are going and how they will travel through the airport – from check-in to departures, and finally arrivals. With longer dwell times and an open attitude to consume media, coupled with the adaptability and visually impactful digital form, digital airport media could be the perfect platform to generate strong results for clients with the right product and service.

EYE Reporter: What’s your response to the insights which the Eye Tracking study provided into airport media consumption?

Rachel Emson: The ability to understand how our target audience take in the media along their journey – where they go, what they look at, what creative maintains their attention and what messages they take away – is exciting, inspiring and very convincing. It allows us to demonstrate effectively to clients how it will work and why it is beneficial. It also allows us to create the most effective memorable campaign, in the knowledge that it is based on first-hand accounts.

EYE Reporter: What is Vivid hoping to achieve in 2010?

Rachel Emson: To sustain growth, independence and confidence. We’ll do this by staying true to who we are and what we do. By understanding and appreciating different media and becoming more savvy to digital media, our campaigns will be stronger. Our mantra is ‘your vision, our great ideas, and joint victories’. This collaboration is what we firmly believe in and it’s helped us to attract great talent and clients. If we continue to deliver on this promise, then I’m sure we can achieve all of our goals.

Interview taken from issue 2, 2009 of EYE Reporter which also includes an interview with Roberta Sapsford from Source Out-of-Home commenting on airport media and their plans for 2010

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  1. Ian Melisios Says:

    “Airports are a hub for the public and business people alike” Well, that’s sold me on just how unique this environment is!

    I can’t wait to hear about Source’s plans for Airport media in 2010! That must be a client brief stating ‘Please waste my money in the best way possible, by sticking it in an airport’

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