Why Is My Signage Solution Not In Your Top 10?

Chris Sheldrake

Our work published last year listing, in our opinion, the ‘Top 10 Digital Signage Vendors’ continues to inspire, confuse, annoy, educate (hopefully) and invite comment (lots of comment in fact!!).

Unsurprisingly these are some of the most popular posts on the blog – as well as regularly turning up in Google search results (the number in brackets below is the number of page views for that post)…

A week does not go by without an email from a (often, new) vendor asking why their solution is not in the top 10. Many of them did not take the time to read all three posts (perhaps that is our fault for splitting the editorial the way we did) and of those that did read it, many didn’t heed our warnings – namely, this is how we saw the industry based on the networks and the retailers that we talk to (and at that time IN 2007 these were mainly EMEA focused).

Yes you might have sold a 1,000 signage players around the world over the last five years running digital signs in corporate lobbies, airports and the odd retailer BUT we haven’t seen you with the big networks and the big installations and to date most people in our industry would not consider you a major player.

Yes you may have won the UK business of two of the top outdoor media contractors, but with a small office in the UK and a single employee working out of their back bedroom in New York and with only one developer we can hardly consider you a global player.

Many of the vendors that spoke to us (and we appreciate the feedback, so please yes continue to talk to us) ACTUALLY spend nothing on marketing and then complain that no-one has ever heard of them!

Hats off for example to Broadsign for marketing like they do – which both raises their profile and helps support the industry (their sponsorship of Screen Expo Europe is fantastic and should be much appreciated by all attendees and exhibitors).

Anyway there are two things we want to say about our Top Ten…

First, since it was written, i.e. last year, 21st December 2007 to be precise, a lot has happened AND we would expect a list today to be different from that first published – perhaps even with a new number one 😉

Secondly this was always our opinion, and as we said at the time “To be fair we have concentrated on Europe, Middle East and Africa”

Later this year we will be doing our GLOBAL TOP TEN so watch this space!!

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  1. Clam Says:

    Get your facts at least 99% right before launching into a semi-libelous rant you self-righteous moron.

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