Six Sheets Crucial To Display Market Growth

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Mungo Knott, Managing Director, Streetbroadcast had a letter published this week in the UK’s 08.05.08 Marketing Week (page 15) about “Six Sheets Crucial To Display Market Growth”.

The week before last there was an article basicallly saying that there were too many traditional (not Digital) 6-Sheets in the UK marketplace and the format was giving signs of being tired. A number of traditional 6-Sheet folks including the airport team at JCDecaux had there say (in defense of the format).

Anyway, Mungo wrote a nice letter, reproduced below…

Your analysis (MW last week) on the decline of six sheets raises two fundamental points for the future growth of the medium. First, buyers and sellers need more rigour over what gets built and what gets bought and, second, research shows that head-on panels are more effective than parallel.

Since 2001, Streetbroadcast has been building a network of six sheets placed on lampposts road edge and above the clutter for maximum visibility. Every panel is head on, they deliver the best average conversion from opportunity to impact (Source: POSTAR), memory recall is two-and-a-half times that of a standard roadside six sheet (Source: Nottingham University), and every panel is purchased individually with no packaging.

Buyers at all levels must recognise their responsibility to try and improve the value of their six sheet out of home communication. This is in the long term interest of all who need to see the out of home medium grow alongside an ever-competitive ad display market.

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