HEXmotion DAP Network

Chris Sheldrake

The Heathrow Express network being managed by JCDecaux that we told you about back in July now has a name and will be, we are pleased to say, fully sold when it launches on 1st November. Launch partner is Allianz.

HEXmotion Lifts

HEXmotion Lifts

As we wrote back in July when the deployment was first announced, 168 digital screens will, especially on top of the 63 x 57” digital screens on walkways, a good network, start to make and this is obviously going to be one of the best digital showcases in Europe.

Alan Sullivan, Sales director, JCDecaux Airport told us “This is the most exciting and engaging new digital communication opportunity for advertisers. This huge digital expansion will allow us to provide further brands with access to the upmarket, early-adopter Heathrow Express audience, offering targeting by location and by day-part with enormous creative flexibility. It is a testament to the strength of the Heathrow Express brand and the quality of this digital network that we are fully sold even before our launch date.”

Following the GBP 1.6 million investment by the Heathrow Express into its digital estate the newly names HEXmotion network will provide full-motion digital panels across all Heathrow terminals, dominating escalators, walkways and lifts.

The HEXmotion Digital Airport Panels will target all Heathrow Express passengers across all Heathrow terminals and with 4 faces, they will be sold as two week campaigns at a ratecard of £20,000.

Yan Huybrechts, Commercial Development for Manager for Heathrow Express said, “We are very encouraged by the high levels of interest shown in this investment and are fully committed to further developing best in class digital multi-media platforms across our estate.”

The Heathrow Express provides access to one of the most exclusive ABC1 audiences in the UK with an AB profile (68%) that is more upscale than the Financial Times. Affluent, well-educated and early-adopters of new technology, 42% of Heathrow Express passengers go on to fly First or Business Class compared to 11% of all Heathrow Passengers.

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