When I Think Content, I Think Cisco

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The Digital Signage Show in New York in a few weeks time is the latest to get on the content bandwagon, not that we are complaining at all. It’s a much needed initiative, especially if those involved have anything sensible or credible to say on the subject.

Cooking Up Content: From Concept to Screen‘ aims at outlining the complete content strategy, composition and presentation process for Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) Media.

The event is presented by Harris Corporation and also sponsored by Samsung Electronics America (nether of whom have anything to do with content of course but good that they have put their hand in their pocket to enable an event such as this to take place).

The “industry leading content creation strategists” in attendance (the event’s words not ours) are Cisco Digital Media Creative Services, Heads & Tails, Inc., and Show + Tell.

We know the latter and they are FANTASTIC, as to the other two they might as well be making everything up for what it is worth. Here’s where an event like this can so easily fall down as it’s all down to credibility. At last year’s Content Day the day before DSEin Vegas the only two folks worth listening to in terms of content creation were Phil Lenger (a bona fide content guy) from Show + Tell and Bill Gerba (not a content guy) from Wirespring both spoke common sense and gave the most excellent advice from (we must add) years and YEARS of practical experience.

Digital out-of-home guru Lyle Bunn, who will undoubtedly do his usual great job and will emcee the demonstration, told us “I am thrilled to be a part of “Cooking Up Content” at The Digital Signage Show in New York.”

He added “This demonstration will be very useful in allowing advertisers and others to see content creation strategies and processes from a first-hand perspective. More importantly, this technique helps to ensure these audiences can then deliver a relevant, contextual brand message to buyers and other key stakeholders.”

The format of this event is a great idea and quite innovative and we think, despite our reservations about Cisco, should be a good draw.

7 Responses to “When I Think Content, I Think Cisco”

  1. Chris Riegel Says:

    Just a simple observation, but previously when Cisco was partnering with creative companies to try and win projects by offering a total solution to customers (technology from Cisco – Content and Creative from the partner), doesn’t this now put Cisco in direct competition with the integrators and service providers who sold Cisco DS products at low margin in order to sell creative services at higher margin?

  2. Eww... Says:

    “When I Think Content, I Think Cisco”

    Not me… In fact, C*sco is the last thing I think about when I think content.

  3. Lawrence Dvorchik Says:

    Adrian & Chris:

    Thank you for your comments on Cooking Up Content at The Digital Signage Show (www.thedigitalsignageshow.com), and your support of Phil and the team at Show + Tell.

    Allow me to shed some more light on the other two companies participating in this demonstration.

    Cisco Digital Media Creative Services (http://www.cisco.com/go/dmcs) is content focused, not product focused. They also are responsible for The Cisco Academy of Digital Signage (http://www.cisco.com/web/learning/academy_of_digital/index.html#~oview). Their purpose for being at The Digital Signage Show and participating in this demonstration is 100% content centric.

    Heads & Tails (www.headsandtails.tv) is a full-service advertising agency with an emphasis on television and content delivery tactics for Drs. Foster & Smith, The McDonald’s Channel, Magazines.com, Warner Brothers Pictures & Jeff Gordon, Inc. Loiacono is also the Creator, Executive Producer and Writer of Animal Planet’s hit show Faithful Friends on Animal Planet and syndicated in over 70% of the U.S.A.

    I hope this helps, and look forward to your joining us in New York.

  4. Uncle Johnny Says:

    When -I- think content, I think everything BUT Cisco. Having worked with Cisco’s poor attempt at a digital signage solution for the past couple years, I’m not sure how anyone can take them seriously in this arena. I’m talking everything from the crippled DMP’s with the ancient browser technology to the 300,000 dollar excuse for a digital media manager that doesn’t do anything. I could go on for days but I have REAL digital signage solutions to work on.

    Not a fan

  5. Marketing Maven Says:

    Considering the stunning lack of customers Cisco has in the digital signage space – excepting perhaps, a handful of stadiums – it’s no surprise that the organization would want to look for revenue in another area.

  6. Bruce Says:

    Like it or not Cisco is in this space, and any other that needs bandwidth and helps justify the expense of installing a Cisco infrastrucure. Corporate IT likes the security Cisco offers, and many professional sports team owners like their dog-and-pony show too. It appears likely (to me anyway) that just a handful of stadiums will become a bucketful and then its just a matter of time before smaller indoor arenas, theaters and other types of entertainment complexes, amusement parks and so on want in as well. There is plenty of opportunity to spread the wealth around and if Cisco is going to make some noise lets hope they do a good job building awareness with the decision makers and that we can all benefit from it.

  7. Chris Riegel Says:

    Just keep in mind that Cisco is buying sponsorships in the stadium deals that they are doing…typical deal is $2 in sponsorship (or more) for every $1 in Cisco product you buy, so for all you stadium IT buyers out there, be sure to ask Cisco if you get the same ‘soft money sponsorship’ deal for buying their gear that the Cowboys and the Yankees did.

    Any business model built on buying the customer won’t last forever.

    Granted, John Chambers has a very large wallet, but my guess is that when the sponsorship fund runs out, the stadium market will suddenly not receive quite so much focus.

    Anyone spoken with the Yankees or Cowboys to find out how ‘thrilled’ they are with the Cisco delivered solution? Would be a very interesting story for all.

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