Digital Media In Retail Conference Theatre

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

mood media presentation

We are not big fans of the open air style of presentations theatres – usually found in the middle of shows – the noise, general distractions and the people moving about is not conducive to anyone’s concentration.

However good the presenter they are battling the odds the minute they stand at the lectern. This guy from Mood Media did his best at today’s In-Store show though!!

The show was as good as we predicted. Last year we think it had shrunk a bit from the previous year but this time around it looked like it had grown back to 2006 size.

3M / Mediazest’s stand was nice, if a little small, and was nestled in amongst the retail side of things. 3M really seem to be focusing on Vikuiti – but little mention made these days of their own digital signage software solution (something on the cards do you think?).

One of the things that we did NOT like and we believe that the organisers definitely need to address next year is the show’s seeming ‘split’ between digital and the rest of retail.

There was a marked difference in the crowds down the middle and to the left (as you entered the show) which was where the more traditional vendors were and the area (that almost seemed to be ‘virtually’ roped off from the rest of the show) which POPAIdigital had set up for the likes of Brainstorm, Denman Retail, Decision Vision and others.

It would definitely be better if the signage and content folks were truly inter mingled throughout the rest of the show.

As we keep saying this is really one of our favourite shows – well laid out, very relaxed, always interesting people to meet and talk to etc etc.

There were lots of (our) industry folks around, we bumped into Avanti Screen Media, Dynmax, Screen Technologies, James Van Etten, Dagobert and Chris Heap from the Imperative Group to name a few.

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