Global DOOH Media Forecast 2009-2014

Chris Sheldrake

There’s probably only one research company that we respect enough to purchase their work and that’s PQ Media. They have constantly produced outstandingly good material.

Their latest report is the ‘Global Digital Out Of Home Media Forecast 2009-2014‘ which reveals that digital out-of-home media is among the fastest growing media in the world and will, the report says, continue on an upward track in 2010.

global-header-logoPQ Media first identified, defined and sized the digital OOH media sector back in 2007. It’s latest report provides media stakeholders with strategic intelligence and clarity on the key developmental phases of this emerging media, something it breaks down and describes as gold rush, shake out and breakout.

The report reflects input from more than 650 digital OOH companies, runs to 185 pages with more than 30 tables and charts and includes Top 10 lists of video advertising network and digital billboard providers, as well as the largest collection of digital OOH company profiles with contact information ever assembled.

You can purchase the report for USD 1,295 (US1,495 after December 31 2009) here

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