How Successful Was #BuildDSbiz

Chris Sheldrake

Manolo Almagro will tell us soon how good this week’s Strategy Institute’s ‘Building Your Digital Signage Business Conference‘ in Chicago was BUT how successful, and we mean just how successful was the hashtag #BuildDSbiz that allowed folks far and near to follow the goings on?

The last two days saw the likes of MediaTile and daviddrain do a PHENOMENAL job in tweeting live from the event, ably supported by manolo_almagro on day 2.

Amazing to think of the criticism and looks we had a year and a half a of ago when we kick started the twitter@conference activities!

The nature of conferences is slowly changing, they are we believe about to become a lot more interactive and a lot more democratic. We have a couple of suggestions for conference organisers which we will probably share over the weekend.

Bill Collins has already said about the event “It was excellent. Manolo provided a lot of excellent insights. The presentations by Tom Campbell from Healthy Advice, Jason Katz from Catapult Marketing, the guy from the IPG Media Lab and Don Berardini from Onsite Networks were very, very good”

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