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As digital industry pundits / analysts / movers and shakers / irritants (delete as appropriate) perhaps we shouldn’t be saying this but we are not happy that the organisers of Wimbledon are replacing a couple of the traditional dot-matrix scoreboards (picture shown) with giant video screens.

wimbledon scoreboard

Bill Jinks of IBM, Wimbledon’s technology sponsor / supplier is making a big thing that the ‘hi-tech’ video screens (have you ever heard of low-tech video screens?) will show video replays of contentious points and between points and sets, they will flash up statistics and video clips.

At the moment it is only the dot matrix scoreboards on Centre and Number One Courts that will be replaced but seriously, you can take this digital video lark too far!!

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  1. Bryan Crotaz Says:

    I beg to disagree, Adrian. If you saw any of the coverage of the first Test at Lords last week you’ll have seen the 200 square metres of new Lighthouse LED scoreboards driven by an AMX Inspired Signage system. It was extremely successful at mixing live data statistics (there are close to 800 data fields coming out of the cricket scoring system every few seconds) with live replays from Sky and from an OB Truck run by the English Cricket Board.

    Editorial decisions are restricted by the MCC, such as not showing any closeup slow mo’s that appear to contradict the umpire (his word is law), and not having moving content on screen while the ball is live.

    There were apparently only positive comments received from the MCC members (who you could perhaps have expected to be wary of new technology) and from the 30,000 strong crowd.

    Watch out for upcoming case studies in the industry press for more detail on the solution.

    Bryan Crotaz
    R&D Director
    AMX Inspired Signage

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