TELentice At The O2

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

A very interesting announcement from Maler Corporation late on Friday was that “The world´s most popular music venue The O2 in London have signed an agreement with MalerCorp to implement TELentice as their Digital Signage software solution.”.

Interesting to us and others for two reasons. First the O2 was one of those ‘groundbreaking installations’ announced by C-nario back in 2007 – is this a replacement system or something additional?

If it’s additional why wouldn’t they also use C-nario. In such a young industry it is surprising to have one digital signage software system replaced entirely by another – perhaps even more so in less than 2 years of operation.

Secondly it is interesting that a venue should choose TELentice at all – a product that technically is not owned by anyone (but a banker), It has no company around it, no developers and definitely no product roadmap to help it move forward.

Whilst Maler Corp are definitely experts in installing, managing and configuring TELentice (and nice guys to boot) would you purchase a product that perhaps has no future?

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