Samsung Select signagelive®

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Remotemedia‘s signagelive® product has been selected by Samsung as a ‘strategic partner’ which is great news for the former and a nice admission from the latter that their own software (MagicNet) probably loses them more deals than it wins them!

The deal is specifically with Samsung’s new DXN series of network enabled Digital Signage LCD Displays. An upgrade is supplied on a USB Card and when inserted into any DXN screen it automatically uninstalls the Samsung MagicNet software, installs signagelive and then presents a registration page for user input.

The upgrade will be available in the UK and Ireland through RGB Communications, plus all Samsung UK Distributors and interestingly will be available from Samsung Distributors throughout the world (let’s hope remote media have got their Internet hosting capability scalable and nice and redundant).

We are told that Remote Media’s Global Strategic Partners (haven’t met any of these yet but have certainly spoken to at least two folks in the US who are in discussions with Remote Media) will be able to purchase the combined Samsung DXN and signagelive® bundle directly.

Samsung LCD screens are great and as mentioned previously probably have something like 50% worldwide market share – as with many screen hardware companies that have a software offering, they unfortunately just don’t get the software side of things – Planar’s Coolsign is a probable exception though that was an acquisition rather than a self build but just think how awful Panasonic’s NMstage is and Sony’s offering is not that much better!

Samsung will surely be scared that this will eat into the sales (if there are any) of their MagicNet software but this is a good deal for both parties as Samsung will more business with this offering than they will lose.

Jason Cremins CEO of Remote Media, commenting on the annnouncement said “The collaboration combines the new Samsung DXN series of network enabled LCD Displays complete with Samsung’s 3 years replacement warranty and the cost-effective scalability of the signagelive® to create an all-in-one Digital Signage solution that can be managed from a Web Browser and will operate anywhere in the world over a standard Broadband or Mobile data connection.”

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