Futuramedia Impacts Sales

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

Campaigns on Futuramedia’s Pharmacy Channel, Futurapharma, have been proven to have a real ROI.

A recent study by health-industry specialist market intelligence agency IMS on a campaign in France for a Cold/Flu Remedy (prosaically called ‘Rhume – Etat Grippal’) which was run during the last two weeks of September 2009, showed that pharmacies not equipped with Futuramedia’s screens saw a 14.4% increase in sales due to a national TV campaign during the period, whereas those fitted with Futurapharma saw an increase of 46%, i.e. an additional 31.6% !

Futuramedia is convinced of the effectiveness of screen media at the point of sale, close to the product, and attributes the campaign’s success to their unique combination of carefully placing screens at strategic points and at eye-level, and creating striking content (in their own studios) which combine the rhythm and duration of spots best adapted to the network.

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