Coolsign – #DSTop10 Vendors Review

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

CoolSign, still owned by Planar back then, didn’t make it in our top ten list in 2008 nor in 2007 (though we gave them a polite mention in 2007) and we did rate their Google App Integration (an innovation back then) in our post ‘The DailyDOOH Best Of 2008‘ .

That’s all in the past though and now we’d argue that they are a business well worth looking at. For several reasons CoolSign gets more and more interesting to us and should be to you as well; leadership under Lou Giacalone is one reason and the ties to Creative Realities, Inc. another.

Under the umbrella investment firm and because of CRI they have media strategy, rollout, retail design and a software company all in one extended family.

Lou’s vision for the business is just that – a ‘vision’, it will need a bit of money and some time to implement but it’s way beyond anything else we have heard from vendors recently.

CoolSign haven’t just confined themselves to the US either. We reckon that they have deployments in about 10 countries including the likes of UK, Greece, Germany, France, Pakistan and India (we think), the UAE, Singapore and Slovenia.

They probably have 28 – 35 big installs and all told several thousand licenses in a number of different categories including Healthcare, Retail, Transportation, Banking , Universities, some Bar networks and various Corporate Communication deployments.

Our TechOpsDir Andrew has spent a bit of time under the covers with CoolSign and wrote in a previous post a couple of things that are worth repeating here “At Infocomm we saw the latest generation of CoolSign software, featuring real time mini-previews of players in table format, a good and very visual way of managing numbers of players, and not something we’ve seen elsewhere”.

He added “Now they have the capability of synchronised playout for multiple players, we’ve not seen it yet, but it certainly puts them in C-nario territory and very interesting for driving large and very high definition mega-pixel displays”.

CoolSign of course also runs many of the Titan Outdoor digital displays – at least in the US.

Definitely one to watch.

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