#NRF M-Dot Network Featured In Innovation Station

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Erie, Pennsylvia-based M-Dot Network is being featured in the Innovation Station sponsored by IBM and Cisco Systems at the National Retail Federation Show in New York City, yesterday and today (Jan. 11-12, 2010).

M-Dot Network enables retailers to redeem coupons from multiple coupon issuers in real-time via retail store point-of-sale systems with the security and compliance standards required by the financial transaction processing industry. M-Dot Network software aggregates digital incentives from product manufacturers and coupon issuers directly to the Internet or mobile phone of consumers. All offers related to the consumer are redeemed, cleared and reimbursed instantly.

Shoppers receive digital coupons via the retailer’s website or a micro-site on their mobile phone. Offers are sent to shoppers based on their preferences from multiple third-party coupon issuers and the retailer. Shoppers redeem coupons by simply swiping their shopper’s card or providing their phone number.

The Innovation Station at the NRF show is a showcase of leading edge solutions to today’s retail challenges. The Innovation Station features hand-picked solution providers who have developed innovative products and solutions to address key issues to help retail businesses thrive.


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