Misc 1 – #DSTop10 Vendors Update

Andrew Neale

We’ve briefly covered EnQii and STRATACACHE and BroadSign ahead of our Top 10 Digital Signage Vendors 2010 list being published in February.

Edior’s note: Now it’s the turn of our #TechOpsDir to give his thoughts on CoolSign (we will cover these guys in more detail in a further post over the next few weeks), TELentice and a couple of miscellaneous products we have looked at this year…

  • CoolSign – At Infocomm we saw the latest generation of CoolSign software, featuring real time mini-previews of players in table format, a good and very visual way of managing numbers of players, and not something we’ve seen elsewhere. Now they have the capability of synchronised playout for multiple players, we’ve not seen it yet, but it certainly puts them in C-nario territory and very interesting for driving large and very high definition mega-pixel displays – we are thinking of Christie Digital MicroTiles especially.
  • Telentice – Not new, but well designed and flexible, and given the Luis of Maler Corporation seal of approval – he and his team are well placed to get the most out of the management features and they certainly do that. For Luis there isn’t anything else he’d rather be working with. We worry about the long term viability of the product though (with no owner).
  • xxiantlabs – DSi is a solution built from the ground up initially for Reading Council in the UK, it integrates the more traditional digital signage aspects with lots of real time information of local Reading transport such as train and bus times and live pictures from roadside CCTV. The creative execution certainly looked good, and as far as Reading Council is concerned, it has been very successful, and deployed in obvious public spaces and bus shelters, it also provides key information services in other public buildings like The Hexagon arts centre. We will certainly see more of this in the new year. Most recently seen on the road in December with Panasonic’s latest product line showcase.
  • Float4 interactive – Their interactive demonstrations featured heavily in the public showings and demonstrations of Christie’s MicroTiles, and showed just how good they can apply their technology with properly thought out creative content. It is at its best showing off entertainment based interactivity, and can keep people amused for ages playing around with all the dynamic affects. But as the Big O shape demonstrated, it can also be used to power a serious retail menu board, without the problems of trying to integrate surface based touchscreen technology onto non-standard screen shapes such as this

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