Spot On Location for Zit Zappers

Dylan Jones, Jones Digital Media

Someone once wisely said that when it comes to real estate think, location location location. Another wiser sage, by the name of Lyle Bunn, once said of our industry that it’s all about relevance, relevance, relevance.

But what happens when you combine both of these? Well, you get the Proactive Interactive Display and product vending machine located close to the ticket booth at my local cineplex.

Brilliant! Where else, other than the inside of a school dinning room, are you going to capture hundreds of skin-challenged teenagers hanging around waiting for their dates to turn up or their parents to come and pick them up?

Strategically, in a cluttered market like the acne prevention category, brands need to stand above the crowd. Proactive is already a category leader, targeting teens as it’s core consumer, so this type of display makes perfect sense both from a purchasing and branding perspective. The interactive screen was bright and simple to navigate, allowing you to select the package you need or just single items. The products dropped like soda cans into the bin, and no doubt followed by a purchase of a mega big gulp soda from the concession stand.

The content was what I’d seen on late night TV, a long-form testimonial approach that with low production value and the same faces. If Proactive could ramp up the creative content, this could be a compelling way to sell product without the expense of large real estate and web fulfillment. Proactive should look at creating some content that actually appeals to teens and add an interactive element by integrating some download capabilities such as Blue tooth. And of course let’s not ignore the no brainer approach of striking partnerships with shows like Gossip Girl or Jersey Shore and creating sponsorship opportunities with relevant movie releases

Proactive has hit the location and relevance pretty much spot on,  but if they can develop more breakout content they could have have a clear winner on their hands.

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