Avanti Screenmedia and Brightspace Media roll out Nivea Commercial

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Avanti Screenmedia and Brightspace Media today started airing a new Nivea commercial in almost 1,000 combined sites.

It’s a 20 second creative that shows a woman running through a park and a man running the other way who takes a look (at the woman).

Good to see that a brand like Nivea is experimenting in our Captive Audience: Leisure: Pubs, Clubs and Bars sector.

It was booked by Posterscope and runs 4 times per hour between 10th and 23rd September.

Whilst the man / woman thing works in Pubs, Clubs and Bars I would have thought this would have been an ideal commercial for Boomerang Digital / Healthclub Channel for Gyms and Health Clubs also.

This Friday Avanti Screenmedia will launch an exciting T-Mobile campaign across Motional Media’s MOMEDIA (bus) network and Spar – aimed largely at teenagers, it being a top up message campaign.

Avanti have also booked a campaign for The Alpha Course on their bar network and MOMEDIA which is running until the end of the month (it is supposed to be a fantastic piece of creative but as yet I have not seen it).

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