Where Are All The Haiti Appeal Campaigns?

Chris Sheldrake

Have we missed all the donated OOH and DOOH industry appeal campaign adverts or are the iDklic Digital Signage and Narrowcasting folks in Belgium the only ones doing anything and donating airtime?

This campaign below that they put together at their own cost is currently playing out across all of their networks; 1,000 pharmacies, 100 Mercedes Benz dealerships and 100 others.

Jean-Charles Figoni, Managing Director at iDklic told us exclusively “We specifically created this video spot in collaboration with M├ędecins du Monde (Doctors of the World) and they have been so satisfied with the result that it will be displayed by 5 other NGOs”

Those other NGOs are we believe Handicap International, Oxfam, Unicef, Caritas and M├ędecins du Monde.

An excellent initiative and rest of industry (especially the associations) you should be very embarrassed.


3 Responses to “Where Are All The Haiti Appeal Campaigns?”

  1. Lionel Tepper Says:

    Someone posted on our Forum on January 19th Regarding Digital Signage industry and Haiti, here’s the link if people are interested:

    Haiti Earthquake – Digital Signage’s Role?


  2. mjstoudt Says:

    The leading digital signage networks in the US have all banded together to help promote relief efforts in Haiti. The primary focus is driving donations to the American Red Cross via the text “Haiti” to 90999 campaign.

    A unified message will run on over 40,000+ screens and reach an estimated 100 million Americans monthly. All of the leading networks including Outcast, Zoom Media, Taxi TV, Captivate, Ad Space, IndoorDirect and TargetCast are participating.

  3. smaineri Says:

    Companies are pitching in, they just doing it quietly. Ecast is donating air time on their interactive media networik. Information on how to contact or text to the American red Cross is running on their network of 10,000 touchscreens in bars and nightclubs across the US.

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