TargetCast Networks’ Newest Research Program

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

New York-based TCN Media, the sales and marketing division of TargetCast Networks, has announced its Research Leadership Panel Program for March and April, 2010.

It includes both the company’s second Nielsen study and an in-depth Focus Group Study.

TCN’s program offers four key clients and agencies the opportunity to schedule and run a month-long video advertising flight reaching millions of ‘away’ television viewers who watch TV screens located in national restaurant chains. The program features category exclusivity, custom creative, and substantial fact-based research and key learning to support participation in the company’s growing network of TV screens located in restaurant chains. This study will look at network sizing, ad effectiveness, demographics, attentiveness and engagement

“Our client and agency partners are very interested in making video advertising investments that leverage our patented platform, reaching on-the-go audiences from 6 a.m. to midnight,” says Jerry Hall, president/CEO. “Our platform reaches our viewers when they are away from home and actively making a variety of buying decisions. Moreover, this latest program underscores our leadership in delivering quality audiences, verified by Nielsen and other accepted metrics to support video advertising investments.”

Dan DeSmet, TargetCast’s vice-president marketing, says that, for the first time, TCN’s twice-yearly Nielsen Research will qualify each category-exclusive participant a position in its second quarter focus group sessions on such topics as viewer perceptions and creative unit preferences. The focus groups will be used to measure the effectiveness of TargetCast’s advertising format, which are L shaped ads run in the various corners of the screen around the screen’s main content.

“In addition, we continue to work with Kelton Research, New York and Los Angeles, to offer our clients custom research studies as part of their advertising campaigns displayed on our television screens in Applebee’s, Outback, Chili’s, Einstein’s and others in casual and fast casual restaurant brands,” says DeSmet. “We provide our clients and agencies with effective third party audience, advertising effectiveness, and when appropriate, actual sales increase information.”

The TCN’s’s current 1,350 locations and 3,500 screens deliver 35 million commercial views per month, featuring high frequency exposures and an average 65 minute dwell time.

“Our network has consistently demonstrated the ability to engage viewers and this is a great opportunity for current and new national advertising partners to benefit from our investment in quality exposures and metrics in one seamless package,” says Hall.

Hall says that TargetCast Is increasing its investment in custom content, advertising, and now in this second Nielsen ad effectiveness research in the last year.

“We are seeing our returning and new national advertisers preparing larger investments and our programs are designed to encourage and enable their fact-based confidence in our network and the category in general,” he says..

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