Agency Tracking Mobile Campaigns With New In-House Platform

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

With the growing importance of mobile components in the future of its clients’ marketing efforts, Toronto-based GJP Advertising has launched GJP TXT2, a multi function in-house mobile platform.

The platform’s numerous features mean that GJP can now create, deploy, manage and measure everything from mobile contests, to customer feedback forms, to digital coupons and codes, all without the need for third party suppliers.

GJP partnered with TAGGA Media Inc. to offer the GJP TXT2 Mobile Platform. Using its core features and Application Programming Interface, the agency is now able to quickly develop and deploy custom mobile applications as well as SMS campaigns.

“GJP TXT2 is a completely in-house capability set up so we can easily integrate a mobile marketing component into our clients’ marketing programs and advertising campaigns,” says Kevin Pfuhl, GJP’s managing partner. “GJP has enjoyed a long and successful history with the wireless industry, given clients like Rogers, Cincinnati Bell and iWireless. The launch of GJP TXT2 is a natural service extension based on that experience, and our belief in wireless smart phones as an important marketing medium.”

“We will be able to personally track campaigns and make adjustments in real time to maximize their effectiveness, as the analytic and reporting tools are quite robust,” says Joanne Fulford, GJP’s media director. ”We have tested it successfully with several clients and are now extending our capability to all current clients. We will also include its availability as a component of our services when pitching future clients.”

Founded in 1991, GJP Advertising is an integrated marketing communications agency with advertising, strategic planning, interactive, direct marketing, media and design and branding expertise. One of Canada’s leading independent agencies, it delivers compelling and creative business solutions to clients that deliver results. GJP Advertising’s work has garnered many national and international awards at the Clios, the Cannes International Advertising Festival, the John Caples International Awards, the London International Awards and the Marketing Awards. The agency has also been named one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies for three consecutive years.

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