Digitalcounts Expresso From Peoplecount

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Peoplecount, a Toronto-based audience research company, has announced Digitalcounts Expresso, a new pre-packaged audience metrics service for Digital Out-of-Home networks.

Designed to make audience metrics consistent, robust and easy to buy, the Digitalcounts Expresso service allows DOOH Networks to achieve audience counts that are OVAB compliant in as little as 60 days. Audience measurement is essential for an emerging medium like Digital Out-of-Home.

“Feedback from advance presentations made to select DOOH networks and aggregators has been very positive,” says Kelly McGillivray, Peoplecount’s president and chief methodologist, “DOOH networks are welcoming the standardized format and affordable price. They like the fact that a consistent approach will make it easy for media buyers to compare networks. Networks who delayed research in 2009 due to the economy are eager to catch up and are happy with the quick turnaround.”

The pre-packaged service is offered at a competitive price of $39,800 and includes the three OVAB metrics components cited in its Audience Metrics Guidelines ( Presence (the people count at the digital signage), Notice (the proportion of audience that sees the screen) and Dwell Time (how long people spend in the venue).

The Digitalcounts Expresso package includes a standard 1,000 intercept surveys and 150 hours of in-venue counts across a sample of 20 venues in up to three markets. The Expresso summary report provides audience metrics and insight. And for OVAB members, an OVAB Disclosure Form is completed. Expresso also delivers valuable audience insight like audience demographics, media acceptance, frequency and interaction or participation rates. Peoplecount will also provide a detailed technical report for in-depth analysis.

“Until now, there hasn’t been one consistent standard in applying the OVAB Audience Metrics Guidelines,” says McGillivray. “The Guidelines were introduced over a year ago and, to date, 12 network operators have completed and published audience research. The methods and sample sizes vary quite a bit.

“In talks with networks, we’ve found that people are most surprised at the skimpy sample sizes that have been used on many of the surveys that have been done by others. And there have been few research studies until now. Part of the problem seems to be that companies have the false impression that research is expensive and takes long. That’s why we’ve packaged a solid package with a good sample size, a short time turnaround, and at a good price.

“To be frank, we were not interested in mimicking the sparse sample sizes that we’ve seen elsewhere in the marketplace. The Expresso service is robust enough to stand on its own, and it provides an excellent starting point for DOOH networks who wish to pursue further accreditation down the road.”

Digitalcounts Expresso is available in both the U.S. and Canada.

Peoplecount, recipient of the 2009 MediaPost DOOH Award for Most Innovative Research/Audience Metrics, provides research and measurement solutions to the out-of-home advertising, digital signage and shopper marketing industries. Combining knowledge of people and traffic flow, network modeling, on-site market research and statistical analysis, Peoplecount’s solutions provide insight into customers, pedestrians and traffic across North America. Peoplecount is a division of Transearch Group Inc., which was established in 1995.

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