#dse2010 – Early Numbers And Things

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Some early numbers from DSE, #dse2010 in Las Vegas which starts proper today…

  • A good turnout of about 150 folks yesterday (on the Tuesday) at the DOOH Advertising Summit. We didn’t attend any of the sessions (just the networking breaks) but what we heard from people was good.
  • During one ‘show of hands’ at the conference it seemed that of the 150 attendees only 3 or so had any budget approval for media – there were plenty of networks present though; Outcast Media, PRN, Lamar, CARE Media Holdings, RMG and Zoom Media and Marketing to name just a few.
  • We previously mentioned that we reckon Lyle Bunn had over 80 people in his SPEED training afternoon. He is set to do another SPEED training on the Wednesday also.
  • Dave Haynes and co. will correct me if I am wrong but we heard that 165 people turned up for the Preset Group organised DSE Mixer.We met a lot of old friends and met lots of new people. Great event and so kudos to the Preset Group for organising and all those (including us) who sponsored it. These sorts of networking events make trips to conferences and trade shows so much more worthwhile. This mixer is definitely a must-do-again for next year.

Lastly. We noticed a lot more press badges laid out in the press lounge this year – again lots of international folks. Hard to remember exactly from last year for comparison purposes but again we think that maybe twice as many press are here than previous years!

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