LA About to Ban Mobile Billboards?

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

The Los Angeles City Council is scheduled to consider a proposed ban on mobile billboards in the city of Los Angeles on Friday, March 5.

The Planning and Land Use Management Committee has forwarded Council the proposed ban, which recommends that no business license be issued to any company that uses mobile billboard advertising. A business license is a tax on gross revenue and, since every business in Los Angeles must have a business license, if the Council adopts the proposal, the result will be a ban on mobile advertising in Los Angeles.

It is understood that a draft ordinance would effectuate such a ban within 45 days of Council approval. However, it is believed that the City Administrative Officer and the Chief Legislative Analyst may not have completed a financial analysis of a report on the legality of the ban on mobile billboards and the feasibility of making it a condition of a business tax license that companies do not use mobile billboard advertising.

We shall be watching the results.

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