Kizoom Makes Use Of The 4th Screen!!!

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It amazes us how many folks in digital out of home forget or ignore what many call the 4th screen.

Common wisdom says that the 1st screen is your TV set, the 2nd screen your laptop, the 3rd screen in some shape or form is High Impact, Retail and / or Captive Audience networks (i.e. Digital Out of Home) leaving the 4th screen being your mobile phone!!!

We don’t particularly like that view, if you look these days at teenagers, tweenagers, 18 – 30 folks etc. their mobile phone screen (and most probably their iPod) almost definitely is a much higher priority for them than any of the other three BUT anyway the paradigm is a useful way of looking at things and segmenting a market AND as ‘common wisdoms’ go it may well be a definition that, incorrect or not is here to stay.

Cityspace in the UK are one of those out of home businesses that haven’t forgotten about the importance of the 4th screen, in fact, here we see Kizoom (a wholly owned subsidiary of Cityspace) launch a real-time rail timetable web application designed for the iPhone. It offers free timetables and personalised journey planning services.

London, 18 July 2008 – Kizoom, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cityspace, today announces the release of, a dedicated real-time rail timetable and journey planning web application for iPhone users.

Released to coincide with the UK launch of iPhone 3G last week, presents an unparalleled live web application for the travelling public. Listed as ‘Live UK rail journey planner’ under Travel on the iPhone web applications, out-classes other timetable-only services by delivering free and easy-to-navigate real-time rail timetables, fast journey planning, taxi finder, disruption news and route stops – a really useful bundle of travel services for people on the move.

Already a popular service for mobile phone users via the five major mobile operators, the new iPhone interface provides the unique ability to personalise commonly used destinations by bookmarking departures and arrivals giving users easy access via icons on the iPhone home screen. The service can also list all the stops along the route so you can see whether the selected train is a fast or slow service.

“ represents the very essence of our business; to deliver valuable travel information at the point of need on any device,” said Andrew Fraser, CEO, Cityspace.

“The iPhone application comes out of a stable of pioneering public transport services delivered via the internet and to mobile devices using state of the art Kizoom technology. It’s a significant announcement for us as the first mobile internet web application we’ve released since acquiring Kizoom earlier this year – the first of many compelling propositions in our pipeline for the burgeoning mobile market!”

By the way for those of you with iPhones take a look – is listed on the Apple web applications directory at

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  1. Dan Scofield Says:

    I like the concept of the 4th screen but i agree with you that the list is a bit out of order. It would be interesting to see survey results by age group. To your point, if you ask younger folks i think they would be likely to flip the order of this list.


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