Outdoor Adventure Centres, Cape Town

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Cape Town, South Africa’s Cape Union Mart’s experiential Adventure Centres recently came to fruition after 12 months of intense conceptualisation and planning.

How does global weather help sells?

Outdoor Adventure Centres carry outdoor technical brands such as Mountain Hardware as well as K-Way, First Ascent, Merrell, Hi-tec, Salomon, Petzl, Leatherman, Garmin, and Tom Tom, offering a world class shopping experience.

Recognizing the advantages of communicating with customers at the point of purchase, Adventure Centres’ digital signage network consists of separate channels of LCD screens that are used to communicate product information and special offers at various locations in the store.

A row of 37” screens at cash points shows a mixed programme of special offers and short product videos. Larger 50” screens in the stores display product videos that demonstrate the features and advantages of equipment that is sold in that section. Cape Union Mart operates and monitors the media network from its head office in Cape Town using Isenzo Mediacaster.

Cape Union Mart has also extended the media network to its outlet at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg. Here, a large LCD is split into two zones; the first zone displays an up-to-date weather forecast for 10 international cities, typical destinations for travellers at the airport. The second zone displays advertising for all-weather gear that travellers can purchase in the store.

Cape Union Mart operates and monitors the media network from their head office in Cape Town using Isenzo Mediacaster. The digital signage software enables staff to quickly and easily update content on any screen.

About Isenzo

Isenzo is a technology company, based in Cape Town, South Africa, that develops robust and cost-effective multimedia broadcast solutions for the corporate, retail and leisure industries. Its Mediacaster simplifies the creation and management of digital media networks, allowing users to quickly create and run a variety of channels such as Digital Signage, Retail Television, Out-of-Home Networks, Corporate Channels and Multimedia Info Displays.

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