Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

At #dse2010 Josh Kampel, Vice President, Business Development & Client Services at YCD Multimedia gave us an in-depth demo of their RAMP solution.

We liked the sound of this before and liked the look of it even more. Remember when it was launched though? we could never get our heads around the name ‘Real-time Ad Management Platform’ which made it sound like, well an ad manager.

It’s nothing like that at all. In fact if you are a retailer you should take a serious look at it, cos’ it is way cool and incredibly useful.

Yes it’s actually a retailer’s tool – news reaches us that YCD finally got the message and RAMP is gonna be re-launched shortly as a Retail Advertising & Merchandising Platform

Hurrah for common sense. Nice product too.

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  1. David Weinfeld Says:

    I first saw RAMP at the NRF Big Show. RAMP is as intuitive as it is robust. RAMP bridges corporate and local network control, while supporting easy content creation, data management, playlist creation, and campaign scheduling. The solution is a next step for the digital signage industry.

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