BT Business To Run The Life Channel

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The phone, broadband and video on demand provider, BT, announced this week that its business division will be taking over the operation of one of the largest private television networks (their words not ours) in the UK.

BT Business will be taking over the day to day running of the Life Channel – owned of course by CAN Media. The Life Channel broadcasts to around seven million viewers a month through a network that covers GP surgeries and schools.

The deal, agreed with CAN Media, will see BT Business provide computers and a broadband connection to each site and will carry out all NEW installations, maintenance and network provisioning for the well more than 5000+ sites.

BT will provide all hardware and screens – typically installing four flat screen panels into each of the schools and one 42″ panel into each new surgery site.

The three year contract is estimated to be worth around £20 million, with CAN Media expecting in return a reliable provider of these services.

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