Amscreen Revamp Web Site

Chris Sheldrake

Amscreen have revamped their web site and it looks much better than before and has a few new useful features.

We particularly like their Amscreen Live Network Map, we quote “Use our live network mapping tool to understand more about our networks and then contact us to put your ad in front of millions of people now!”

The map shows a key of; Forecourt Convenience Screens (red), Healthcare Screens (green) and Leisure Screens (blue).

The claim is still there that they are “the market leader and registered supplier to the Health Service for digital screen network broadcasting” AND as we have said before ‘market leader’ would normally mean, what? the largest? Well that is easily CAN Media’s The Life Channel which is about ten times as big.

And again, where is this “registered supplier to the Health Service” list?

As far as we know there is no such list but would gladly be pointed at one if we are wrong.

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