‘Ticker’ Moving Message Display Needed!

Andrew Neale

Robert Lewis, Group General Manager at Middle East Media has an interesting screen display requirement which maybe one of our readers can help him with.

Robert is looking for a ‘Ticker’ moving message display which needs to be about 300cm wide x 50cm high and able to operate clearly in direct sunlight!

It also needs to be in one colour and able to operate in a very harsh, dusty, humid, and hot environment.

It also needs to be dual-language capable: alternately scrolling Arabic text from right to left, and English text from left to right.

Ideally, the device would also have Bluetooth or some form of tagging or other customer interaction capability built-in.

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  1. Arthur Jackson Says:

    Technographic Displays designs and manufactures specialist LED displays. Please have a look at our website, where you will find details of past projects our contact details.

  2. geofJ Says:

    would love to supply but speak to the experts – last year at screen expo

    when i managed to get off my stand – saw these people – although they are competition for us in some areas – they are the people to speak to (I am a strong believer that we can all work together in this industry)

    hope the below helps :-


    Vision-Text Ltd
    Unit 2 Miltons Yard
    Petworth Road
    GU8 5LH

    Harry Filer
    T: + 44 1428 686840
    F: +44 1428 687936
    E: info@vision-text.com
    W: http://www.vision-text.com or

  3. Harry Filer Says:

    Like Arthur, we at Messagemaker also specialise in this and particularly in the handling of Arabic and English mixed text, which as the writer has correctly identified is a particularly tricky requirement. Again check the Messagemaker website

  4. Tom Chakra Says:

    I actually can supply you with the system be it monochrome or full color. I work with a couple of LED Manufacturers one out of Canada (LSI SmartVision) and the other out of Korea

    I also supply the LED lighting if you are interested

    Feel free to contact me and I will arrange to send you the necessary information

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