#Kioskcom – Healthy Advice Networks

Chris Sheldrake

Dusty Lutz, General Manager, NCR Netkey Kiosk & Digital Signage Solutions had little to say to us last time we spoke (#Kioskcom in NYC back in Nov 2009 as it happens) and we see that the quiet man is chairing this session which looks actually to be quite interesting.

Thomas Campbell, EVP, Program Management & Development, Healthy Advice Networks will also take the stage on Thursday 1:30 – 2:15 PM in a session open only to Conference Attendees entitled ‘How to Build a Sustainable Digital Signage Network: Best Practices, Know-How and Strategies

“An effective digital signage network engages an audience through the delivery of relevant content, information and product advertisements and through that engagement program, turns that prospect into a paying customer” is the gist of what is going to be discussed we believe.

Whether deployed as Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) Media Networks or Information and Communications Networks in Healthcare, Government, Education, Transportation, Tourism and Hospitality, Retail, Financial Services or other industries Thomas will explain how networks can significantly increase the likelihood for their own success by developing a plan to identify best practices and critical success factors found in digital signage deployments.

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  1. Raji Kalra Says:

    Is it just me or does clicking Dusty’s name (hyerlinked in the article) go to a porn reference site? (http://gangstaname.com/names/porn)


  2. tim warrington Says:

    What a classic you are right. Digital signage article or porn link????

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