#Kioskcom – Activision.TV To Launch Interactive Kiosk

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

One of the interesting displays at KioskCom 2010 is the prototype of a new point-of-sale display for supermarkets by Naples, Florida-based Activision.TV, which it will initially launch with an unnamed Florida supermarket chain in June.

At KioskCom, Activision.TV is currently found under the Flextronics booth, since Flextronics, San Jose, California, is building the housing for the display.

Used as either a stand-alone unit or as an endcap, the unit can have screens and solutions on front alone or identically on front and back – and also offers shelves on both sides to allow display of actual products.

At the top is a basic vertical LCD screen which will advertise a grocery product. But the intriguing part is what it offers on the lower counter-like screen which shows several variables. For one, if the shopper enters a store with her grocery list, she can choose to search by brand, product category, or location and be provided with information on any articles matching the criteria that are on sale, along with the aisle where they are found and their regular and sale prices. She then can choose and will get a coupon for that item.

In another case, the shopper can swipe her shopper’s card and the store – which will know her habits as to, for example, the brand of bread she buys – will immediately show her any of her favoured items that are on sale that week. She can then get coupons for these.

There are several other variables, including a tie-in to the Internet use by customers, and also for customers who already have coupons.

For those at KioskCom Day 2, it’s worth a look-see.

Activision.TV has been in business for five years, and this is its first venture outside its work as provider of integrated HD TVs for hotel rooms.

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