The Sky People Have Sent Us A Message

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Inwindow Outdoor has launched a ground-breaking outdoor digital exhibition at The Grove in Los Angeles to mark the Blu-ray release of Avatar.

Sky people can not learn, they do not see

The free-standing structure, comprised of multiple digital screens and centrally located at the famous LA mall, uses customized technology developed in-house to morph faces of shoppers into Na’vis as they watch.

Jeff Cohen, Managing Partner of Inwindow Outdoor told us “This is by far the most technologically ambitious project we’ve ever done and the first by our internal digital team. The morph is incredibly realistic because the end result retains many of the users’ facial characteristics. It goes well beyond augmented reality in that it isn’t simply superimposing imagery, it’s actually altering the underlying content in real-time”

The Avatar display is a 60’ x 10’ structure featuring three ‘morphing stations’ and one large-scale video wall surrounded by vinyl and branded in Avatar themes.

Just relax and let your mind go blank

As shoppers approach the screens, Inwindow’s technology captures their image and transforms them into a Na’vi. Once the morph is complete, users can enter their email address via touch-screen to be sent a video of their transformation along with information on where to purchase the Blu-ray disc.

The display, created in conjunction with FOX Studios and Zenith Media, launched at The Grove last Friday (April 16) and will run for one month.

We also noted when we went to look at it that InWindow had again chosen to partner with Blue Bite with respect to the mobile proximity marketing component.

Blue Bite’s technology and services will send content to mobile phones at the Avatar display to help promote the Blu-ray release and increase engagement with consumers.

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