Putting The Consumer In Control

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

If Jumptap’s plans go as expected, consumers will soon have the ability to not just opt out of mobile marketing messages, but to explicitly tell brands what they want and when they want it.

Jumptap, the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based provider of mobile advertising solutions, is planning to implement a new feature that enables mobile consumers to manage their own profiles for a more personalized brand experience.

The new feature, scheduled for release in mid-2010-, is believed to be an industry first and will put the consumer more in control than ever, providing him/her with the best experience – and, in turn, delivering the highest advertiser ROI and superior publisher yields.

“In the near future, there will be only one advertising platform that matters – the one driven by consumers,” says Dan Olschwang , president and CEO, Jumptap. “We’ve built the leading independent mobile advertising marketplace by doing the right thing – enabling publishers, advertisers, and developers to engage with consumers in the most effective, efficient, and transparent manner. Now we are taking the next step in the natural evolution of mobile – by providing consumers with the ability to not just opt out of the system, but to explicitly tell brands what they want and when they want it.”

There are currently 3.6 billion people with mobile devices and mobile is becoming the primary access point to the Internet. In some countries, mobile will be the main medium to reach consumers – requiring mobile ad networks to rethink how they work with partners and consumers to deliver the most relevant advertising and highest value.

Jumptap’s management says that, for mobile advertising to be successful, it must be personalized and relevant for the 24/7 consumer. Ad networks need to tap into the consumer intelligence housed within the device and from their partners. The better a mobile ad network understands consumer intelligence, the higher the engagement and response rates, which in turn delivers higher publisher yields and better advertiser ROI.

With the upcoming inclusion of consumer-managed profiles, Jumptap will be in a position to match the right ad to the right person at the right time with unprecedented precision. Company management firmly believes that consumer intelligence is and will continue to be its leading differentiator. 

Critical to the success of this new program are the controls that Jumptap will provide to consumers.

“Because the phone is fast-becoming the central device for everything personal, privacy, security and transparency will become key,” says Paran Joha, CMO. “Consumers will become more selective about brands they want to do business with, and trust and privacy will guide their choices. We’ve built our platform on this very principle, and we will continue providing consumers with the highest levels of privacy and security so that advertisers can deliver the content consumers value.” 

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