Broadsign Gets Much Needed Network Deal

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

If US rumours are to be believed then Broadsign need these deals like never before. Here we see Neoti Broadcast Network using BroadSign’s SaaS Platform to operate digital screens installed in popular restaurants and cafes in major markets in Indiana and Ohio.

We do love the fact that one-third of ad space is donated to charity organizations with community-focused messages.

The initial trial of 55 screens at 16 locations has we are told “attracted a steady demand from local advertisers and delivered sizable increases in sales and sales inquiries about the products advertised”

Broadsign will want Neoti Broadcast Network to install more screens than 55 though – Neoti tell us that they planning to expand to a national scale in 2009, adding new venue types such as doctors’ waiting rooms, arenas, universities, as well as government and corporate offices.

About Neoti

The Neoti Broadcast Network is a premiere digital signage network, offering affordable advertising and information to specific communities throughout Indiana and Ohio. Neoti connects local businesses with consumers, promotes community spirit, and enhances venue environments with cutting-edge digital signage content and interactive technology. Neoti is committed to building and managing a most profitable, community-focused digital signage network, while at the same time serving and honouring God, and allocating funds for philanthropic intentions. Neoti, LLC is headquartered in Bluffton, Indiana.


2 Responses to “Broadsign Gets Much Needed Network Deal”

  1. Howard Beale Says:

    Noone can argue the intrinsic appeal of a community-based, charitable network. However from a business perspective, can an ad-supported network that gives 33% of ad space to charity scale and operate profitably? Time will tell, but if the Broadsign hype factory thinks this nascent, 16-location network is a notable deal, then times are indeed very tough for them. Take a look at the comment on this deal. A shamelessy ghost-written marketing blurb from their sponsor, Broadsign. So much for objectivity and credibility.

  2. Says:

    Adrian & Howard, Thank you both for those kind words about our network. It is this question of \”Time will tell\” that excites us and is leading us to prove the industry wrong when we hear statements that Ad-based networks fail. I don\’t believe they do – in the community-focused model. People enjoy supporting their neighbors – Neoti provides the opportunity to reach out and remind neighbors of what their community has to offer.

    We\’re really excited about working with BroadSign right now. We\’ve worked with some software that was not at all scalable and had the worst technical support in the industry. We were very diligent about who we chose – we met with BroadSign we wanted to know and understand that we could work together.

    I believe that the state that our industry is in right now forces everyone to need everyone. We have to create partnerships – provide support to one-another. We\’re seeing a lot of this happen within social media and it\’s exciting.

    I don\’t know who wrote the comment on But I agree with it. Broadsign is a class act and Neoti is honored to be able to work with them.

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