TiVi BiTTi (Whatever That Means)

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Lazar Demisulam from Digiboard sent through a couple of pictures of various digital screens, showing some radical changes to the Digital Signage Network at Istanbul’s International airport since we were there last.

Digiboard have been managing the network since 2002 and some of these changes took place only as recently as last few weeks (15th April 2010)…


Lazar Demisulam told us “We have replaced most of the screens with bigger sizes and we have even installed two 4*4 Videowalls, replacing the Philips 120” Candeo, in a combination with flight info and gate signage”.

He added “We have used in total 32 unit Orion 42” screens and software from C-Nario, used 4 syncronized HD players and reaching a resolution of 3200 to 1920 in this. By using also Minicom’s HD equipment we have transformed all our broadcast to HD”.

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