Bob Cooney Ecast, Inc.

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Bob Cooney, for a long, long time the face of Ecast, Inc. has left recently we understand.

Bob of course was VP Business Development at Ecast, Inc. – his LinkedIn invite to everyone now reads Principal at Blue Laser Interactive Consulting…

Blue Laser Interactive can transfer decades of experience in interactive, out-of-home media, directly to your retail, entertainment or other branded experience. Highly focused and massively energetic, Blue Laser focuses on delivering profitable results.

We won’t make any ‘consultant’ jokes just to repeat what my old boss at IBM used to say “you get Queen bees, you get worker bees but you do NOT get consultant bees”.

2 Responses to “Bob Cooney Ecast, Inc.”

  1. Confused Says:

    Why then Mr. Cotterill does sell consulting services and how? Consultant bees?

  2. Bob Cooney Says:

    LOL Adrian. I wish I had known this before I named my company. I would have called it The Hive!

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