Carphone Warehouse London Flagship Store

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Judging by email and comments we receive, we know how much our readers enjoy news of retail flagship stores and although we have covered the Carphone Warehouse in Oxford Street, London before here we see MediaZest helping Origin Partners with an earlier deployed Interactive window displays to increase footfall and promote wider product range.

London, 4th August 2008 – MediaZest, a one-stop-shop for creative digital displays has supplied Carphone Warehouse’s flagship store in Oxford Street, London, with hardware to complete a digital display system conceived by Origin Partners, which will increase footfall and promote the store’s new offerings. MediaZest has installed an interactive window display to visually promote gadgets such as Apple’s iPhone, the Slingbox and the Blackberry to clearly reinforce that Carphone Warehouse is no longer simply a mobile phone supplier.

Working with Origin Partners, a creative web, interactive and mobile agency, which provided the software for the install, MediaZest recommended and installed Vikuiti Rear Projection Film from 3M, the diversified technology company, to create the large interactive screen. Affixed to the inside of the shop’s window, the Vikuiti Film, combined with interactive touch screen, enables an eye-catching show reel of advertising material to be projected onto its surface. The digital display system responds when touched by a customer, creating a ‘wow’ factor and encouraging interaction.

The display’s interactive capability captures customer details for marketing purposes, as customers can use the display to enter their contact details in return for attractive redemption items such as advice on mobile price plans. This means that Carphone Warehouse can be more targeted with its direct marketing, offering specific goods and services to people who have expressed interest.

Andy Hawkins, Group Sales & Marketing Director of MediaZest, explained: “There are a large number of retailers located on Oxford Street, making it essential that Carphone Warehouse stood out from the crowd and looked distinctive. Interactive window technology is a relatively new concept for shoppers, and so is a good medium for attracting attention due to its novelty. Shoppers can find out more details about new products and services that the store is offering, and get free advice on price plans and the latest deals. In future, shoppers will be able to enter competitions using the interactive screens.”

Jonny Kelly Director of Origin Partners comments, “When deploying a digital display it is vital that the quality and spec are perfect as they represent an external projection of the brand values. If a display is faulty or poor quality, shoppers will perceive the shop to also possess negative characteristics, damaging a brand’s reputation and putting customers off. MediaZest has provided Carphone Warehouse with robust and reliable hardware that is fully compatible with our software on which the system runs, making for a dependable and impressive display.”

“Vikuiti Film is ideal for in-window advertising applications such as this for its ability to offer crisp, high contrast image quality combined with a wide viewing angle. It is also the only film that can be effectively viewed in daylight and in bright ambient light locations. For this reason, MediaZest recommended Vikuiti Film be installed to replace a competitive technology being used in the digital display system,” said Billy Evans, Sales and Marketing Manager, 3M.

4 Responses to “Carphone Warehouse London Flagship Store”

  1. Maurice Garnier Says:

    Adrian….. This is a classic case of Kiosk meets Digital Signage and you are bigging it up! Can i suggest you take a long lay down in a darkened room and re think you ideas of how Kiosk and Digital Signage actually work together instead of slagging those off who work with both and can actually see the synergy!

  2. Maurice Garnier Says:

    Amazing Adrian how you are allowing some comments and not others. Obviously the truth hurts! Not such an open forum for discusion as you make out.

  3. Adrian J Cotterill Says:

    Rest assured we publish all comments. Do give us more than 8 hours to get round to reviewing them all and approving / spamming. We receive 40+ spam comments a day.

  4. Adrian J Cotterill Says:

    However you want to phrase it, we are big fans of touchscreen / kiosk / active digital signage working alongside ‘passive’ *if you will) digital signage in what we prefer to call the ‘digital out of home’ medium.

    We don’t remember slagging off any kiosk vendors – what we think you are taking issue with is our stance on the kiosk shows that are jumping on the digital signage bandwagon. we stand by that – we don’t think that the so-called “European Digital Signage Show” in London in October is in anyhow representative of the DS industry sector and like Kiosk Expo / DS Expo in Essen earlier this year probably does the DOOH industry more harm than good.

    That’s just our take of course and we value comment

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