Sticky: NEC President Pierre Richer VUKUNET Exclusive

Andrew Neale

We see that NEC Display Solutions announced it is now making its VUKUNET digital signage software free to any network operator or reseller, even if they don’t sign up to the ad serving platform, with nice timing just in advance of #Infocomm2010 next week.

We have not had our hands on the software yet, so we can’t pass any real judgement – yet, Ed 😉

However, we will be taking a closer look next week in Las Vegas.

Ahead of that, we will have an exclusive guest contribution up this Friday from NEC president Pierre Richer, in which Pierre tells us what’s behind a decision we think will have a lot of industry tongues wagging!

One Response to “Sticky: NEC President Pierre Richer VUKUNET Exclusive”

  1. Bill Teape Says:

    Another panel manufacturer with a tactic that is solely designed to sell more panels. If the SW is anything like Samsungs Magicnet, whoops so sorry Tragicnet, it will be a colossal load of steaming shite that nobody except the gullible will ever want. DS requires a professional component based approach, bundling is nonsense designed to satisfy the OEM panel builders needs in terms of differentiation on a pure tactical basis.

    Glad your ed commented that you haven’t tested it yet!

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