#InfoComm2010 – Why Not Just Say That?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

YCD Multimedia just tweeted “Come visit us tomorrow @ InfoComm 2010, Booth #C5038, Las Vegas Convention Center facebook.com BUT they are not exhibiting per se, what they really mean is “come see us on the Prysm booth”

Why not just say that in the first place? First off you are so obviously trying to give the impression that you are exhibiting at the trade show (when you are not, we cannot think of the last time that you took your OWN stand at a show) and second and most importantly you are NOT giving any brand awareness or acknowledgement to Prysm who have given you the opportunity to be there.

Bad form we think.

One Response to “#InfoComm2010 – Why Not Just Say That?”

  1. Robert Swanson Says:

    Thanks for keeping us honest Adrian. 🙂

    I would like to point out that you have not uncovered a vast conspiracy on behalf of YCD to misrepresent our attendance at Infocomm 2010. With the intention to put out a short Tweet to our followers on Twitter to inform them of our presence at Infocomm we neglected to mention that we will be at the PRYSM booth. This was an honest mistake and not a mischievous attempt to spotlight ourselves while failing to acknowledge the generosity of PRYSM who asked us to support them in the launch of their groundbreaking new LPD displays.

    We are often asked by various partners to join them at trade shows to support their booth infrastructure or to provide software and content for their displays. In return we have the opportunity to promote YCD’s products and services. It’s a win/win arrangement and in the past we have always given credit to our partners when publicizing our presence at these events. In fact, we believe that these arrangements are quite beneficial in highlighting our strong relationships within the industry and our ability to work together with various partners to provide our customers with best in class solutions.

    That said, we hope to see you and your followers at the PRYSM booth (C5038) this week at Infocomm in Las Vegas.

    Best regards,
    Robert Swanson
    V.P. Business Operations
    YCD Multimedia

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