dimedis GmbH Launches Kompass

Chris Sheldrake

dimedis GmbH is one of the veterans in the digital signage software space in Germany (and a 2008 Digital Signage Best Practice Award winner) and this week they launched kompas – see their new digital signage website at www.kompas-software.com.

Kompas is decsribed as an open Source, Linux based solution that powers some of Germany’s largest digital signage networks.

Kompas is resold through a network of distributors and specialist dealers in France, Italy, South Africa, Scandinavia and extensively in the Middle East.

International Business Development Director Mark Leo told us that “the launch of kompas commenced over 15 months ago and we are making steady progress in its target markets”.

He added “Our track record in Germany with large, complex deployments up to 2.300 locations per project is being replicated internationally using the same exacting methodologies and with kompass at the core”

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