Who Bothers But Blue Bite?

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Now, this is what I call just plain dumb! Why would an advertiser run a campaign on a digital network in a city like New York but refuse to let the companies involved in developing and/or running the publicity tell the press the name of the advertiser or brand?

There’s a liquor brand advertising supposedly doing just that, and we’re just ticked off enough about it to hope they fall flat on their pretty little label.

We know that Blue Bite LLC is involved. It partnered with Panel Media Group network, which has about 100 locations in high end clubs and bars, to bring the advertiser’s brand message to the targeted group that frequents such locales.

Blue Bite told us that at the halfway point in the three-month campaign, it has achieved over 15,000 unique mobile downloads of the content it is sending from the liquor company. Likewise, the positive engagement rate has been just about 60% across all the locations.

Blue Bite believes that it is now getting traction with its proximity marketing platform. So why doesn’t the advetiser want its name known? Or is somebody playing a little coy here?

Whatever the game, isn’t the point of advertising to get your name, brand, or message out to the public? If not, Mr. Advertiser, why are you spending your money?

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  1. Dave Haynes Says:

    Years ago, Shaw Communications in Calgary was launching a local community news channel and we met with the VP marketing to talking about the print campaign (I was still in newspapers back then).

    I asked their VP Marketing why the ads for the new channel did actually contain the number for that channel.

    “That’s for Phase 2 of our marketing,” he said.

    The guy didn’t last too long in that post.

    My way of noting dumb-assed marketing is not all that uncommon.

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