Bluetooth ‘Voicetones’ At US Movie Theatres

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

If you know us at all you can only imagine the sort of pain we go through in the office when we have to flick through the “Bluetooth SIG Magazine” for research purposes!!!

Anyway here we see the Parachute Marketing Group (probably not an organisation that gets a lot of attention however we have been following some of their tech innovations for some time now) featured in said magazine and discussing marketing around a film that they are not allowed to mention!!!

Over the course of 4 weeks in a 17-State Campaign PMG’s wireless access points were deployed in theatres across the US to promote a major motion picture release – why they are not allowed to mention the film is beyond me, Ed

The campaign distributed “voicetones” from the movie – basically 5 to 15 second audio clips that could be saved and used by consumers for alerts or ringtones, as well as video clips and a calendar reminder that went off the day before the release date.

This worked because Bluetooth hotspots were in place three weeks prior to the release date – we are told that these hotspots showed steady uptake increases as the movie’s buzz increased!

Parachute President and CEO, Brett Cutler did tell us “We deployed in theatres across the country and interacted with over 100,000 mobile devices. Bluetooth marketing is clearly something consumers are becoming more comfortable with and derive value from. Our ability to provide rich multi-media content directly to users in a fast and simple way without any additional charges is both compelling and valuable to consumers and marketers alike.”

Parachute also conducted an in-depth analysis of the phones recognized over the 4-week campaign – providing incredibly valuable information, for example, while it is / was widely assumed that American consumers only attend a movie every 6 – 8 weeks, the campaign data showed that 13% of all recognized unique phones attended the theatres at least twice over a 4 weeks period.

Now unless someone was carrying someone else’s phone that is of real interest to the movie industry!

Some of the campaign data that was also mined included: –

  • 87,655 successful file downloads
  • Average 3,131 downloads per day
  • Busiest day seeing 6,739 downloads
  • The top theatre averaged 535 downloads per day, with a peak of 1,095 downloads in one day
  • 102,201 unique devices were recognized, of which: –
    1. Samsung: 28.79%
    2. Nokia: 21.05%
    3. BlackBerry phones: 12.72%
    4. LG Phones: 9.29%
    5. Sony Ericsson: 7.91%
    6. *Motorola: 5.12%
    7. Other Phones: 15.12%


    Samsung’s E250 was the most often seen device at 8.59% of the total

    *Most Motorola phones need to be in Find Me mode to be visible

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